Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Diamond Encrusted (Blingalicious) Friends

I got a text today while I was at the dentist with Belle, from one of my "bestest" friends in the whole entire world that said "What if I want to be a gold AND silver friend?" We came to the consensus that she and Sara are my diamond encrusted friends, blingalicious if you may. I am actually trying to get through this post without bawling my eyes out. These woman are the strongest I know. We have been through many things together in the past 16 years. Together we have seen heartache, adolescence, first loves, breakups, self discovery, rebirths, out of state moves, dances, college, marriage, children, death, sickness, happiness, toilet papering, egging ex-boyfriends cars, thousand of inside jokes, road trips, etc, etc. These are women who know me better than I know my own self. These are woman who "just know" when to call or text or email. We have carried each other burdens, experienced pure joy in each others happiness. We have mourned with one another, rejoiced together, put toothpaste on our pimples together, and experienced intense spirituality with one another. These woman are above all other woman. No matter how far we are in distance our hearts and souls are forever connected and I feel so incredibly lucky to have them in my life. For more than half of my life now! They have earned every diamond encrusted in our friendship. I love them beyond explanation. I love you my Sara and Kerilyniepooh!


  1. This post made me cry. I love you too and I have no idea what I would do without you and Keri. Seriously. No IDEA. There is nothing better than knowing that I can call you and talk about anything and you just get me. You two are the best friends in the world. MY best friends, and I'm so lucky. I love you and miss you!! (BOTH of you).

    Does this mean that we sparkle in the sun like Edward? That would be a bonus. I'm just saying.

    love you, Sara

  2. Sara = sparkly? like edward? really? heck no, you guys shine so much better than the shoddy hollywood glitter he's got goin' on. :)

    Holly, I love that I know these great ladies that are still your best friends. That's completely amazing and makes me tear up a little too. Definitely let keri know I have thought of her often and send my helloooos to the pretty girl?