Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In my agony last night, I forgot to reflect on my blessings. FRIENDS. I am so blessed with so many friends who are still always here for me! My friends are inspired. Yesterday, when I began recognizing my heavy load, the Lord began lifting my burdens through my friends. Two cute hospital volunteers walked in with two ballons, Starburst, and a magazine. The note said "Love Allyson". My cute friend in California called the hospital and had these fun things sent to our room "just because". Oh the power of friendship and the true inspiration they carry for us. Then today, after posting on Facebook that I was craving chips and salsa, another friend from church dropped by with a couple of bags of chips and a jar of salsa. Seriously? How did I get so lucky to have such wonderful friends. Another friend of mine stopped by for dinner tonight, Cafe Rio and Dr. Pepper. One of my BFF's texted me today, she lives in Texas and just had a baby, and wanted to let me know how much she loves me. These are wonderful things for a broken spirit. My other blessing is my husband. My sweet, loyal wonderful husband. He came today with a bunch of Mother's Day roses (which, unfortunately, are not allowed on ICS) for me. He does a wonderful job being a single parent as Spence and I spend many days away, at the hospital (I may need to hire a hairdresser for Belle though)! I love the picture below of Nate, Spence and the Jazz Bear Nate brought him. I also included a picture of our view. Although the roof is a lot of the view, the greenery, mountains and rainy skies provide me with much solace and gratitude, you may need to click on the picture to really enjoy its beauty. We had a few challenges today, but thanks to friends, a great husband and Cafe Rio we made it through!


  1. Thank God for friends! So thankful for you. xoxo

  2. Cafe Rio always makes me feel better! I'm so glad i got to spend even just a little bit of time with you talking about "stuff". Thanks for being such a good friend. Love you Holly! Kristi :)