Friday, May 7, 2010

I love my mom because...

Primary Children's Medical Center put together a short little video on moms and why we love them and they asked Spencer to be one of the participants. He is at about 1:30.


  1. I am a bawl baby! That simple reason why he loves you is so awesome! I know he has a million other reasons but something as simple as good food! Sounds like I need to come for dinner!!!

  2. THat is so sweet! I was just reading a couple of post earlier, and one thing that stuck out to me is that you said that Spence is happy. Isn't it amazing that through such trials the Lord blesses us with joy. "Man is, that he might have joy". It never says man is rich, or man is healthy, or man is skinny, that they might have joy. Even in the hardest times it seems that we get those moments where we realize that we can have joy and peace. It is all a miracle! What a strong soul that boy is!!! What a blessing he is in our lives! I am so glad we know you guys and that you have been and continue to be a blessing in our lives!

  3. that is too cute! you are such a great mom holly! :)