Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching Up...Halloween

Halloween is a big event in our home. It is safe to say that it is our most favorite holiday. Growing up my dad always made a big deal over it and made sure we had the coolest "special effects". He is no different with my kids. We spent Halloween weekend in the hospital for an inpatient chemo stay and were discharged the night before Halloween. We decorated his room, dressed up and went trick or treating down the halls. Isabelle opted to stay home from her very first school Halloween parade so that she could be with her brother. It was a special Halloween. The kids both got prizes for dressing up and we enjoyed watching the other costumers and the hospital party. We also had a community party the week before and the kids had a night time candy hunt. They both scored big pumpkins! Nate had a date with his friends that evening so I took the kids to Village Inn for some pie. It was only days after Spencer's feeding tube had come out and him eating was so exciting for me. He ordered two kids meals and a big piece of pie! On Halloween night it was raining and Spence had barely been home from the hospital so Nate took the kids to a few homes in the neighborhood to trick or treat and then we spent the evening at my dads. My stepmom made an awesome mummy meatloaf, eyeballs, and witches brew. It was a fun night. This year was definitely different than most but it was so much fun. The hospital did a great job of getting the kids excited and playing up the holiday. Everyone was so impressed with Spencer's costume.

Our community Halloween party. The candy hunt.
On Halloween morning I made Jack-o-Lantern pancakes.

Belle and Raynee made this elaborate haunted house that she wanted to keep forever but I told her I would take pictures instead.
Village Inn. Pie-ing it up!
Mummy Meatloaf, eyeballs, witches brew, zombies, grim reapers, and lots of candy. The recipe for a perfect Halloween.
Trick-or-Treating at the hospital. Showing their loot. They also had fun crafts for them to do. I am so glad Isabelle had time with her brother.
Games at our community party.
Even Grim Reapers love their stuffed animals.

and so do zombies.

My gross children.
Donuts at the PCMC party.

Spence decorating his room.
Death, knocking at your door!

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