Monday, March 28, 2011


How beautiful is life? How lucky we are to experience so much in our short lives. The pain, the tears, the laughter, the happiness, beauty, birth, death, fun, sorrow. There is so much for us to feel. We are so lucky to have the capacity to feel it all without bursting. We all have a journey. We all have thorns. We all have skeletons. We all have laughter in our souls. We all have moments where we wonder how we got here, in this moment. We all wish we could walk away at times in our lives. We all have felt loneliness. We all know how to plead to a God. We all have a song. We have all held our heads up in confidence and also walked with our heads low in shame. We all know how is to love with every fiber of our being. How lucky are we? I was talking to another friend of mine who has experienced a child with cancer and other trials in her life. She said has realized that she cannot live without help from the Lord. It is one of the lessons she has learned. We talked about how so many people experience trials, horrible trials, all for naught. They do not understand why. It makes for a pretty sad life. I feel so grateful to know that my trials are a refiner's fire. That there are lessons to be learned, muscles to be built and Faith to increase. I have true happiness in my life. I have a super handsome husband who loves me. He is loyal, he is kind, he is helpful and he works so hard for our family. I have three incredibly beautiful children. They are miracles, each freckle, dimple, eyelash. They are proof that there is a God. Their souls bring warmth and light and inspiration in my life. To all the lives they touch. I had an epiphany recently. I have always thought that I had been putting on this show that I had the perfect life. That things are as great as they could be. I grew up in a not so perfect home and have wanted that perfect home so badly for myself. My clothes may not always be folded and my bathrooms cleaned weekly but my life is pretty dang perfect. There is no "show". I have a fabulous husband, a good marriage that is constantly worked on, great children and a happy relationship with them. I am a fun mom. I make dinner and pack lunches and I give lots of kisses. What else do I need in my life. I have God, I have my family, and I have an understanding of beauty and of pain and I have a beautiful life.


  1. I like to think of it as 'it's as good as it can get right now'. There is no such thing as a perfect life. The secret is in learning to be content with what we have been given and to always try to improve ourselves. You are doing all that and MORE!

  2. That is beautifully written. Thanks for updating throughout Spencer's treatment. Congratulations to Spencer on the end of chemo!

  3. This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed to hear this today :)