Sunday, March 13, 2011

Light Keeper

So many more things to say as I cry tonight. First thing, there is a God. He knows me. He knows what I need. A Facebook friend posted this much needed quote tonight "When he says to the poor in spirit 'come unto me' He means He knows the way out and He knows the way up. He knows it because He has walked it. He knows the way because He is the way." {Jeffrey R. Holland} He knows that I needed this tonight. Second thing, I have amazing friends. Calls, texts, chats helped me through the night. Friends going through their own trials reminding me that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. And the third thing is uplifting music. I love "gospel" music or churchy music. I guess that can make me a total nerd but I love it, and today I received the peace and the words I needed today. Katherine Nelsons SOMETIMES HE LETS IT RAIN "When her heart surrenders to the master in control her heart learns the lessons and the tempest in her soul when it's not longer raging she can see how far she's come through the wisdom and the mercy of the son. Sometimes he lets it rain, he lets the fierce winds blow. Sometimes it takes a storm to lead a heart where it can grow. He can move mountains of grief and oceans of pain, but sometimes He lets it rain. He lets it rain. Sometimes it rains. Just let it rain. There is no joy without the pain. Sometimes He has to let it rain."
and her YOU SURROUND ME "I stand in between the rush of the day and you and me. I am trying to catch my breath and feeling for that peace that only you can bring. I close my eyes and feel a catching breeze I feel the sunlight washing over me. You surround me. Your every breath i breathe, and though you are never far from my reach, you surround me. Lost and swept away and cradled in your arms is where I want to be. A moment in your sweet sweet love, what I would give to see what you can see. I stop to feel you all around me. I see your presence in everything. You surround me. You're in the sun and in the rain and in the waves upon the sea youre in the wind and in teh sand and in the grass beneath my feet. your'e in the rocks and in the leaves and every branch on every tree you are the joy you are the pain you are the hope that carries me. Youre every breath i breathe. and though you are never far from my reach. you surround me. you surround me. "
And then today Jenny Phillips LIGHTKEEPER inspired me. These words were super powerful to me and were meant for a good friend I had time to spend with this weekend. You know who you are.
"He knows its hard to hold to his light sometimes. The world is so far from the right. So just close your eyes, He will help you shine. LIGHT KEEPER BE STRONG. LIGHT KEEPER WALK ON THROUGH THE NIGHT. WHEN ALL THE WORLD IS TELLING YOU THAT IT'S NOT WORTH THE FIGHT HOLD ON TO YOUR LIGHT, HOLD IT TIGHT, LIGHT KEEPER. You might feel left behind when others leave the light. Oh how the Father loves you. He will never leave your side, He will help you shine. Oh how you shine. You are full of the Father's love. You are worthy of his trust. Oh what beautiful light."
We have been reading in the scriptures about shining our lights on a hill and not hiding it under a bushel. And I have been thinking about all of the trials that I have gone through and how I feel obligated to be a light, even when it is hard. If you cannot be a light in your family and friends lives then who will?