Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Auntie Holly

It is amazing to give birth. I literally get jealous when friend or family member is in labor because I crave it. I must be crazy. To me it is the most exciting, miraculous thing on this earth and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. I love being a mom. The love I have for these kids is indescribable. I never thought that I could love any other children the way I love mine, until I became an aunt. The love may not be exactly the same but it is strong and true. I have been blessed with 3 nephews and 2 nieces, and my sisters boyfriends little boy (whom I just love so much also), Easton, Kanan, Jason, Marley, Carley and Miles. My sister in law, Whitney, is currently in the hospital having their second little boy and my other sister in law, Theresa, is due in May with their first little boy together, and her second. WAIT! my brother just texted me as I am writing this announcing the birth of Evan Joseph 8lbs 12oz 22 inches. The whole point of this post is to express my deep love for these babies. For my family. I am so lucky to be an aunt and to love these children like they are my own. Even though both of my brothers live out of state and I do not get to see their kiddies often, I love them! I would do anything for them. I just want to smooch their faces and eat their cheeks! I am fortunate enough to have Easton, Marley, Carley, and Miles close enough to love, love, love. These kids make me happy. I cannot wait to meet little Evan and baby Jameson. Sometimes life is hard, and crappy but Heavenly Father puts beautiful children and babies on this earth so spread his love and innocence. What a wonderful thing.


  1. "like". Wait till you get to be a grandma...I want to read the post you write then! It just gets better and better!

  2. Maybe baby fever was the cause of your tears?!