Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Spence was able to spend some fun quality time with one of his bff's Moab, today. They played Kinect, and giggled and chowed down on candy. Then Spence spent the rest of the evening at her house playing more video games. One of the overheard conversations today:
Mo: So Spence what did you get for Christmas? Spencer: Kinect and a pocket knife. Mo: cool! Spencer: yeah it has a flashlight and can opener too. Mo: Well then you will always be prepared.
I just love kids and their cute brains! It has been awhile since I added any pictures to this blog so I through in one of Gavs and Belle too, because they are just so darn cute! More picture blogs to come! Oh and today Spencer is wearing his "BRAVE" shirt given to him by cute little Lizzie Lou.

1 comment:

  1. So good to see you at clinic the other day.
    Spencer is looking so good !
    After we left you Rogan said "that is my friend."
    Ohhh I love kids.
    What a great and wonderful family you are.
    We will meet again.