Sunday, January 23, 2011

Endure to the End

I recently came in contact with a mom whose son also had rhabdo. Tonight she emailed me asking me a few questions about the differences in our sons diagnoses and I rambled on about some things. It hit me. Now that we are approaching the end things do not seem as bad, however, giving her the details of the "beginning" hit me pretty hard. I cannot even believe the things we have been through. It is just crazy to venture back and realize what Spencer has weathered, fought and battled. Nobody should ever have to go through these things. After I emailed her I went back to read the first few posts of mine. {DEEP BREATH OUT}. Blah. What a long and winding road. We are now at a place that I could not even begin to imagine eleven and a half months ago. I do not feel that I have anything eloquent to say tonight, but I am thankful that time is moving on and that memories fade. Even horrific ones. Spence and I were talking about some experiences we have had this past year and he did not remember a lot of things. Such a blessing. There were a lot of experiences that are better left in the past. One of my very favorite people, let alone, friends, Ally, is having some of these moments. Her sweet little four year old has been in the hospital the last few days with an undiagnosed colon infection. Let me tell you. There have been many, many nights that her words have comforted me and have kept me company as I sat up late in the hospital worrying about my baby boy. It is really hard for me now knowing exactly how she is feeling, to literally be able to close my eyes and think of specific nights I sat there, crying, as she gave me her sincere prayers and friendship. My heart hurts tonight for her. I hope that I can give her the same comfort, and peace that she was able to provide to me. This life is so hard. There is so much heartache, so much sorrow, so much hatred. How wonderful that the Lord has given us His peace in this dreary world. How wonderful that he provides us with lifesaving friends, and loyal family to wrap their arms around us in our darkest hours. How wonderful to be filled with such light, in such darkness. Life is hard, but worth the rewards that await us as we endure it well. Please endure it. As this trial hopefully comes to an end for us, I pray that I can be the friend that you all have been for me. Hug your babies, smooch your lover, thank your God.

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  1. What a beautiful true! I am go grateful for the light He gives us in our lives. There have been times in the past where without that light there I would have been lost. Thank you for sharing!