Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chemo Day

Remember how I used to blog the same day as treatments and stuff? and with pictures?! Well I am trying it out again. My laptop is still out getting fixed but my wonderful husband got me a new camera last week so I am back in action! Today was a fast and easy clinic chemo. We spent more time chatting to all of our friends then getting actually treatment done! OKAY SO FOR THE GOOD NEWS...I talked again to our doctor about the PET scan results and what we will expect at the end of supposed treatment. She said the the final results of the scan were NEGATIVE! The spots of energy were so small that the tumor cannot be considered active! The areas of energy were most like energy from the body lighting up on the scan. The group of doctors all sat down to discuss it and are all pretty sure it is a small mass of scar tissue left. SO...we will continue with treatment as planned and at the end of our road map, we will re-evaluate and then they may decide to biopsy it again OR after talking to surgeons they may be able to REMOVE IT! It is not embedded in the nerves any longer and may be small enough to take out! Today is a good day. Happy, happy day! I cannot begin to thank you to the degree deserved for all of your fasting and prayers. Almost a year ago we found out our sweet little boy had stage 4 high risk cancer, and today we hear that from a macro view there is no cancer. Chemo goes on as planned because we cannot see it on a molecular level and we don't want to take any chances! We are so grateful to the Lord for all of our blessings!

Spencer's favorite snow hat is this "ninja" mask he has. He loves it and when we first got to clinic he would NOT take it off! Silly guy! I just took pics of his normal routine there, weight, height, blood pressure. Pam does his vitals. We love her.

Someone donated a couple of Kinect systems to the clinic. Spence tried to play it in our tiny little room and almost broke his toe!
Tiffy Lou, we love you. Is she not the hottest nurse ever! WE L.O.V.E. her!
First thing he did when we got to clinic was raid the snack room! Eating, eating, and more eating. Yay!
Can you see the outline of peach fuzz on his head? It is even longer than it looks!
Lindsay giving Spence his Vincristine. He is a pro!


  1. I knew this day would come! Hallelujah! Great news!

  2. Such great news! Just wanted to let you know we're still following you, praying for you, and thinking about you. Thanks for being such a great example of faith and strength and letting us be a part of it!

  3. Happy Happy Day such good news! We continue to pray for Spence and your family as you now will see that their is no more old normalcy, there will be a new normalcy but it will always be different. Better even because you have all grown so much!!!

    Hugs and Kisses
    Cousin Hillary

  4. AAAAHHHHH!! I am SO excited to hear that!! Whoo-hoo - way to go Super Spence!! We knew you could it!! :-)

  5. Amazing! Simply amazing news! I'm so happy for your sweet little guy and your family. Love the peach fuzz!