Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh heavens, how the the week slips by. I was trying to make a goal to post every day but obviously that did not work! I still have so many pictures and events to catch up on, while continuing to blog the present happenings. I will start with Christmas today. We decided to keep our Christmas pretty low key since we have received so many wonderful things from people this past year.

The kids enjoyed opening their fully stuffed stockings! My grandma crochets stockings for everyone in the family I have had mine since I was a baby and now we all have one. We love our stockings.

Stocking stuffers! Santa seems to always go overboard with stockings.
Christmas day, after Santa presents are opened at home, are spent at Gramma Cindy and Papas (Nate's parents). It is fun day. We spend hours watching everyone, individually, open presents, then a big huge brunch, followed my napping, snacking, playing and watching football. In the evening, after dinner, we play games all night. This year, 92 year old Grandpa Gooch, joined the festivities.
My beautiful baby boys.

Because of all of the gifts we have received this year from so many wonderful people we decided that Santa was only going to leave stockings. We adopted a family through a sub for Santa program and provided Christmas for them to "pay it forward" from the love we have received. Sneaky Santa left a present, the last present, behind the tree at Grammas house. A Kinect for our family. Needless to say, the kids were ecstatic.
Belley Boo. She is so much fun, and so beautiful.
I love these pictures. They are soooo Grandpa Gooch. It is nice to have these beautiful pictures.

Cousins! We are blessed with the best cousins ever. Not only are they the best, they are the most beautiful! We have so much fun with them! It is amazing how much you can love other children that aren't your own. I love these kiddos.
Oh my silly Spencer and his pranks, and gags!
Is there anything better than a Nakey Baby! Oh I love him. He is so delicious!
We have such a great family. I am so lucky to have married a man with such a wonderful family. We all have so much fun when we are together. It is nice to have best friends who you get to see often, and forever!
I love my lazy husband. Playing and sleeping all day. I don't think he moved from his spot except to eat! SMOOCH! Gotta love lazy Christmas mornings! I love my boys!


  1. I loved all the pictures in this post! You can see the happiness and love throughout.

    And Spencer's glasses are so silly!


  2. I love all the pictures! I hope Spencer told you I said goodbye! I went to say bye to him on one of my last days of work and was bummed I couldn't see you! I hope you have a wonderful, uneventful last 2 months of treatment---your sweet family needs that. You have such a beautiful family and I am so grateful I got to know you over the past year!

  3. What beautiful pictures!! Who was your awesome photographer? :)