Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tender Mercies

Down in the pit.
Gotta love the Jack!
Jack shaking hands.
Paula Fuga

There have been countless tender mercies given to our family. I truly believe that God really knows us and sometimes these mercies, these blessings are not just spiritual. He knows that we are human and still need some "righteous" pick me ups. The three most recent of our tender mercies have been just what this California girl needs, and Nate too! First off, as a lot of you Utahns know, In-N-Out has been coming up all around Utah. We happened to get one on our corner. Like a mile from our house. Nate and I discussed how we totally would not eat there everyday or even every week but just the comfort of knowing it is there for us whenever we "need" it or want it, is merciful! This next mercy is totally random and so awesome. Nate happened to be searching for some kind of deal on something or another online and came across an ad for volunteers needed for the Jack Johnson concert. We would help promote his Village Green, and initiative he and his wife have developed to reduce, reuse, recycle. In exchange for our time we would get shirts, bags, water bottles and pit section tickets to watch the concert. Awesome in its own. Well as we were getting ready to begin our work there, the director let us know that Jack wanted to meet us all and take a picture with us! Um SWEET! So Nate and I positioned ourselves in the middle hoping to be close to Jack. He came out stood right next to us and put his arm around me for the picture! I was so excited! I totally do not get all celebrity crazy (um except for maybe David Archuleta, Sara and Mel can attest to that!) but I was super giddy. Jack later put on a little mini concert with Paula Fuga (she is awesome), and G Love. Because we were "staff" we got to be in the background right there behind Jack, and G. When they left off stage I thanked Jack and he patted my on the shoulder! SAAWEET! After we were done with our volunteering we were able to enjoy the concert in the pit so close to Jack. It was such a fun night, and have no doubt that it was a complete tender mercy for the both of us! My third tender mercy happens tomorrow. My Bff Sara had a baby in June and I have been so sad that I was not going to be able to see her this summer. With all that is going on we just didn't feel comfortable taking our annual trip to California. Nate had been flying Southwest for his business traveling and had earned a free flight that expires Aug. 29th of this year. He called to see if he could transfer it and booked me a flight to go home! So early tomorrow morning Gavs and I will head out for the weekend. Nate is excited about spending the weekend with the "big kids." Throughout all of the heartache and anxiety we are so blessed to have these tender mercies touched upon us. Because I am heading out for the weekend, I may be a little on and off with my blogging but I will bring my computer and try to stay updated!


  1. Y'all deserve it all and more! Have a great weekend in beautiful Cali with Sara! You gals have fun...wish I could be there with you!

  2. oh it's all so WONDERFUL!!! jack??? i mean, SERIOUSLY! i'm so happy for you :)