Monday, August 16, 2010

Odds and Ends

Nate and I had not had a chance to celebrate his birthday, which was at the beginning of July. We had a free weekend with no chemo and a babysitter thanks to my dad and Suzi. We decided to head downtown for a little Benihana fun. It was nice to get out and have "us" time.
Belle has been trying really hard to earn her end of week reward. The first one was a couple of weeks ago. Her choice was a date to Mcdonald's with dad. I am not a huge lover of taking my kids to Mcdonald's but they had Littlest Pet Shops for the Happy Meal toy and she collects them. She enjoyed her time with daddy.
Betsy and Spencer have been best friends since they were in kindergarten. Ryan, Betsy's little brother, is Belle's best friend and they are now both going to kindergarten. It is amazing how fast time flies. Our Bets is a special girl too. She has diabetes and is so sensitive and caring and takes care of my kids, especially Spence to the best of her abilities. Melanie, their mom is my BFF and we took the kids to Liberty Park for a day of fun and no worries. There is a little park with rides and they have those swinging chairs. I STRONGLY DISLIKE the swinging chairs. I so did not want Spencer to ride on them. It's hard enough to watch my non cancer kids ride on them. He begged. So I said yes, and didn't watch, and he was fine and had so much fun {deep breath out}. We had a fun time! I love this family!

My sister and I took the kids to the park one afternoon and it was great to see Spence acting like a normal kid with lots of energy! It was Gavs first time on the swing and of course he loved it.


  1. Cute swinging the park pictures! My youngest loves how many water parks there are up here:)

  2. i love melanie, too!! she and i went to high school together and i will love her forever. so glad she's in your corner!!