Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Is Where the Heart Is

It was harder than I expected it to be, leaving this place, as my plane flew out over the ocean. As I looked out the window and the ocean became farther and farther, I realized that I had tears in my eyes. I cannot quite explain why going home was more emotional this time but there are lots of speculations. As Sara and I enjoyed the weekend together just hanging out and talking we came to the conclusion that it had been a year since we had had any quality time together. We had seen her and her family for an afternoon in January but it had been last August that they moved from Utah. Sara is one of those people that I need in my life and leaving her was so hard this time. I wish anyone could be so lucky to have a "Sara" in their life. Someone who has known you for a long time, who has been through the good the bad and the ugly with you. Someone who shops like you do, and goes to the beach like you do. Someone who you can just sit and do nothing with and have the best time. And someone who enjoys food like you do! Besides leaving my Sara and the beach behind me, I think the tears were induced by the cancer I was coming home to. For a few days it was nice to put aside all of the emotions and stress inside of me, and breathe. I don't know why or how but the beach, the ocean, the southern California air lets me breathe deeper. I knew that there was "real life" for me at home in Utah, a life that has a lot of breath holding and hyperventilating. I was SOOO excited to be home with my babies, and with Nate but you know just sad that one of my babies still has a hard fight to fight.

This was Gavin's first flight and he was FABULOUS! He slept most of both flights (thanks to the help of some Benedryl) and LOVED the concept of flying and the airplane. He learned to make and airplane noise.
In June Sara had her third little boy, Grant. This was one of the many reasons I wanted to get out there. Oh this little guy is so delicious!

I am sorry to all of our friends and family who I wasn't able to get back to, or didn't have a chance to see. This was a quick trip and I didn't have anytime. Hopefully soon we can get out there soon and see all of you. We were lucky, however, to be able to spend the evening with my brother and his family (sorry Theresa, I didn't get a picture of your whole self!). I always enjoy seeing them, it helps to refresh and renew!
Sara and I had fun at the good old Orange County Swap Meet, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach.
One of the big highlights of the trip was to meet the AWESOME Noel family. Ally and I have become "online" friends since Spencer was diagnosed. She read our blog and emailed me because her little girl Lizzie has a lot of health problems as well. We have been chatting and emailing for the last 5 months and have become really good friends. We went to the aquarium, and then hung out at her place, then out to dinner with her sister and an old good mutual friend, Mary.

The Girls made me this awesome sign! I love it!

My one splurge was Claim Jumper. I got the Irish Nachos and the cheesy potato soup in a bread bowl! It was delicious and I did not finish the whole thing.
It was so fun to spend time with this family. It was like we have known eachother forever. The girls, and Jax were so great with Gavin and he loved them. Ally took me home (and didn't get lost, yeah that's it) and Liz, Kate and Gavs all fell asleep as we tried to get back to Sara's house (an hour and a half later)! It was sad to say goodbye but we look forward to many years of friendship and future visits!
It was so great to renew my mind and my heart. Nate says he can tell I brought a little bit of sadness with me, leaving behind my ocean and Sara, but I am thankful to him for making this trip happen. I am thankful to be back to my family and look forward to going to California with them all soon! If home is where the heart is then I have two homes!

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  1. Love it! Hate that you are gone, but love the pics, the time we had and the time you were able to have with Sara! For the record, it was not an hour and a half, but an hour and 16minutes that we were lost : ) I live here and still managed to get us 40 miles away from where we should have been. I will never live that down. We loved our day and night with you and Gavs (the BEST baby I have ever been around)! Not sure how I feel about being described as an "online" friend, but I'll take it : ) LOVE, LOVE, Love to you and those babies and a big "Team Nate" to that man for sending you to us. xoxo