Monday, August 2, 2010


I am looking at the banner on my blog and thinking "who is this little boy?" I don't even recognize him. I am hoping to change the pictures soon because he has grown up so much and these pictures have no resemblance to my strong, bald, fighter. Today I am thankful for the goodness in people. I do not watch the news any longer, I live in a nice community and we are blessed with so much service in our lives. We have been able to soak up the goodness in people, in friends, in family, and in complete strangers. It is nice for once to mostly see good. At church on Sunday a friend of mine spoke in front of everyone and said how thankful she is for her trials at this moment to help her become perfected and strong. She mentioned how her calling in our church (she is the president over all of the children) is strengthening her. All that I could think about was how amazing she is, to call this a trial, when more than half of the people in the congregation have no idea that a few years ago her four year old daughter, her only child at the time, also had cancer, and as her chemo was ending she found out she was pregnant with twins. This friend of mine is the epitome of strength, of faith, and of calmness. She and her family have served our family incredibly in the last 6 months and I am thankful for her.
This weekend was full of fun. We were able to do so many great things as a family. It felt good to have fun with everyone! We are trying to enjoy every moment as the summer wraps up and school begins, and big chemoes begin again. Isabelle will be starting kindergarten. Because she has a Fall birthday I have been able to keep her home an extra year, and though she is such a drama queen, I will miss having her here with me. She is a wonderful helper. It makes me sad to think she is now a school girl, no more days with me. It is a weird thing to have your children grow up. There are many days where I cannot wait to get them out of here but many days were I would love time to SLOW DOWN! Being a mom is the best thing in the world and I am so thankful to have such fun, beautiful children.

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