Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today I am having another one of those "dang I forgot we have cancer days". Fortunately, Spencer has been feeling normal and acting normal, and so sometimes we forget I think. And it's kind of a bummer when I remember. I just keep trying to think of the future, to healthy times, to hair and eyelashes and eyebrows, to no feeding tubes. Eventually.Soon. Someday. We are lucky to have eachother though. We are lucky to have a faith, a hope, a deep love for one another. I have no doubt that you all feel the same way about your children but when a life threatening situation comes upon your family things change. Feelings are taken to a new level. I do not only feel these new heightened emotions for Spencer but for the whole lot of them. Isabelle is experiencing things, along with emotions that she has never had to deal with, Gavin is just trucking along being so loving and patient while we have to leave him for days at a time. Nate is having to deal with some emotions (sorry I keep repeating this word) that he has never had to face before. This is a trial for all of us in some way or another and I am so pleased at my family. I am so pleased at the love and the endurance each one of them has. We have had our moments of breakdown and division but when we take a deep breath and stand face to face with our challenges we are strong in unity. This is but a little time.

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