Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of School

Using the elevator with his very own elevator key. He is the first student to have his own copy!
Spencer and Miss Beck. Don't you love how he picked an Hawaiian shirt for his "first day of school" outfit.

Oh so happy to be posing with his sister, but she is elated!
Braden and Spence and their cute bald heads!

I thought dropping Spencer off for his first full day of school since diagnosis was going to be hard, and it was, however, just dropping him off in front of the school today was harder. {Deep breath in, and now out}. Yesterday I had Peeta, Katniss, and Gale (Mockingjay for those not familiar) to keep my mind off him being away from me, and today all I have is my home that so desperately needs a good cleaning! It was a busy, productive day yesterday, nonetheless, full of smiles and happiness. We went to the "meet and mingle" so that Nate could meet Miss Beck and I took all of the "first day of school pictures". The final bell rang and I hesitantly let my baby go back to his first day feeling like a normal kid. Isabelle had her kindergarten testing around lunch time so I felt relieved knowing that I would be back at the school for a bit. She did an awesome job! Her teacher recommended she apply for ALPS (Accelerated Learning Program for Students) in January. While I was talking I saw Spence and his sweet friend Braden walking around in the hall. Braden shaved his head the night before and they looked so cute together (I am sure that is the last thing the boys want to hear)! Braden spent his recess and lunch indoors with Spencer so that he wasn't alone. What a great kid (must have gotten from his mom!). He told me that he absolutely loves Miss Beck and that she is soooo nice and happy. We had a meeting with the district nurse and Miss Beck after school to write out a plan and let them know all they need to take care of him while he is there or in case of an accident, etc. It was a totally great day. This morning while we are out the door to drop him off he looks at me still in my workout clothes and says, "So you are just going to wear that?" I reminded him that I was only dropping him off in front of the school and that I was not going to get out of the car! Funny kid! When did he start caring what I am dressed in! It made me giggle! I dropped him off and watched him go! Luckily for me it is early day so I can see him sooner! I don't know what I am going to do next week when both my babies are at school! It made me realize how much I love having them home.


  1. i can't believe how even his face looks in these pictures! what a terrific first day back at school. spencer really is such a cute kid!!!

  2. You sure make cute kids! It's great to see Spencer returning to normal life. Joyful joyful!

  3. Im so happy for you guys! Im glad that he is going good enough to go back. Sounds like he has great friends!

  4. That is hilarious that Spence was concerned about what you were wearing! How funny is that!? I love him!

  5. how exciting for Spencer. I love that he was concerned about your clothes lol. Glad to hear things are feeling a little bit more "normal"

  6. that is so great that he is going back to school! he is such a cute kid!

  7. ahhh, i'm trying not to cry! how COOL for him! what an inspiration!
    love you guys!

  8. Love his first day of school outfit, he is so handsome!

    lol about the workout clothes haha

    You have amazing kids!