Monday, July 26, 2010

Swimming in Chemo

Today Spence had his last dose of Irinotecan at home. Day 5. He is feeling a little sick, but has been a trooper so far. It is so hard on his body to have chemo that many days in a row, even these "gentle chemoes." He is literally heaving as I write. It is so sad because he does not have any thing in his stomach, his feeds go straight to his intestines, so throwing up is only major heaving for the poor guy. I did not take any pictures of him doing his home chemo but it was pretty easy and totally convenient. Someday this will all end. Someday. Isabelle started swimming lessons today. They are learning to float on their backs. I was surprised that she didn't put up more of a fight because putting her head back in the water terrifies her. She did a good job, though a little hesitant. It is nice for her to do some normal things in our crazy life. She starts soccer soon with her friend Ben and we are all excited for that. School starts in a month and I am craving Fall. I know the summer has been so short but Autumn makes me happy, and it is my kids favorite time of year as well so I am hoping to bring some more happiness into our home. We love the summer and will enjoy every moment of warmth it gives us, but anxiously await the two seconds of Fall that we get to enjoy here!

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  1. I love spring and Fall, summer is great but I love the brisk feelings of spring and fall and I swear they smell better :) but yes we do only get a glimpse of both usually. Glad to see you are getting some normality going in you family it is good for all of you.