Sunday, July 25, 2010

24th of July

For those of you not familiar with the "24th of July" it is a celebration of the Mormon pioneers who sacrificed much to get to Utah. This is a huge event in Utah, and celebrated much like Independence Day. We began the day with a pancake breakfast in Nate's parents neighborhood. Our friend Kelly brought her cool motorcycle for all of the kids to pose on. They had so much fun with it. We then went to the parade, had a bbq, and went to see the fireworks. In the middle of all of this Spencer also received his third dose of Irinotecan chemo. We were able to do it at Nate's parents house so that he could enjoy the day. Brielle and Chase, our awesome friends, sat and played Wii with him as he was getting his chemo, and while Nate and Isabelle and the rest of the "boys" went golfing. It was a fun filled day, and I am glad that Spence had the opportunity to partake in our days activities. Next year we will do the carnival and all it entails, when he is good and healthy! It was a fun day to see old friends and hang out with the family. The kids enjoyed their glow sticks and made happy faces, earrings, nose rings and my favorite, the feeding tube glow stick, that was Isabelle's creatiOn the way home all of the kids fell immediately asleep. I love the last picture with Belle asleep in her car seat with her legs still crossed, such the lady.


  1. Such cute pictures! Although, you forgot to include our amazing aerobic work out to the Pussy Cat Dolls! How could you forget?

  2. So glad you mentioned 7/24! We swung through SLC to stay with our friends as we make our move from SF to NH. I had the best veggie benedict and there was a sign on the restaurant door that mentioned they were going to be open specifically on that day. I was a little confused, but not enough to look it up and I didn't even realize how much it was nagging the back of my brain! When I read this, by whole head went : AHA!