Sunday, February 6, 2011

Once in a Lifetime

Sorry. I had to take a little break. The whole idea and concept of not going back to the hospital {crossing my fingers} has had me a little overwhelmed. I have so many things to blog. To catch up on. I am supposed to be getting MY laptop back next week and then it will be easier to blog on the spot. Jen Fauset took some incredibly beautiful pictures of our last chemo stay and bell ringing ceremony but she is out of town and I hope to get those pictures posted in the next few days. I do not have anything fabulous, inspiring or life changing to say. I have been feeling a whole lot of gratitude lately though. On Friday morning, and this morning, it was so FABULOUS to lay in my bed full of my kids and my Natey and just snuggle, and giggle. I remember watching the movie Practical Magic, with Sandra Bullock when I was first in college. There is a scene in the beginning where she is with her children and her husband in bed and she then realizes that life if perfect. This same scene had always been my vision of perfection as well. It was nice to live that moment. Once in a lifetime moments do not just happen once in a lifetime. I feel lucky to be able to recognize these moments, fleeting, but real, and in those moments I can breathe, and all the happiness that can fit in one soul and in one heart, fits in mine.

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