Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Cheeks

I think this might be my all time favorite picture of the two kids together. We were in Arizona for my brothers wedding several years ago. Look at Belle's baby cheeks, and Spence, he is such a babe! These kids have always been pretty good friends. They have their moments of sibling rivalry, but for the most part they are silly together. Today Spence let Belle play video games with him and she was ecstatic. They laughed and giggled and played and it made me long for normal days. I love these handsome kids. I love that they are mine and that I have my Gavs thrown into the mix. Being a mom is the most wonderful thing to be!


  1. Such beautiful children. I remember when they were both so little. Darling, darling babies.
    We love you all so much. :O)

  2. Awe, now that's more like how I remember these two. They are so cute with each other. You are blessed with some amazing children.