Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Light and a Super Cute Guy

There is a different kind of happy light in Spencer's eyes. Since he has gone back to school, he has this unexplained aura of lightheartedness. It is amazing how refreshing normalcy can be. I find it funny that my whole teenagers years, and into my young adulthood I did everything I could to not be normal, to be different than everyone else, and now I long for normalcy, for tranquility, for a boring life. I was so happy to drop him off early today for his first day of choir. Something normal. Boring life. Happy life. It is my goal to get a new post blogged everyday. I have so much to catch up on and so much to report and so many fun pictures to put up. Today I will start with a bunch of random pictures. I am going to blog my Gavy Goos. I love this kid so much. I feel like I have lost out on his first parts of life while I have been focusing so much on getting Spence better and I just try to snuggle this guy every chance I get. He is just so funny. His favorite words are "stuck" "copa" (cup in spanish), "bakey" for binky, "blanket", "Belle" and "uh ah" for no. He sings "we will we will...rock you" all day long, and "ginkle ginkle star". He loves kisses and snuggles, and shoes. He loves his sister. She is his favorite person. He loves our friend Neil "Meemel" Saunie, and Parker. He is obsessed with cars, helicopters ("pocters'), and any kind of vehicle. He adores his Gramma Suzi and Grampa OK. He does not eat a lot but he loves cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, candy canes he calls them "ice", and bread. He is afraid of bubble baths, dogs (this is new, he used to love dogs), and just learned today he is afraid of snakes. Other than these few things he has no fear. He will climb up and jump off of almost anything. He loves "Go Utes" and "let's go Jazz". He loves to read books and play with his "broder and sissy" He is so handsome and so lovey and so Gavies.

He loves to play in boxes. Here he is reading in a box. Just the perfect Gavin sized box!
Nothing comes between a boy, his binky, blanket and pillow pet!
He love Grampa. He loves to read with him.
He is super silly and likes for Belle to spin him around on a chair at my dad's house. He enjoys being dizzy! Weirdo!

He loves popcorn and sometimes asks for it for breakfast. He is snuggling with dad here and enjoying "popcker".
He is so silly. He came up to me one afternoon with two binkies in his mouth and just laughed hysterically!
His favorite toy right now is "Bopit". He plays with it all day long and says "potty (for party), and "nonis" for novice. These are Bopit settings. It is so funny.

He enjoys a good soda like the rest of us. He will either call it "water" or "sooda". He does not get it very often but when he does he holds it for ransom.

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  1. how fun for us to get to know him better so happy for Spence there is nothing better than seeing your child live a normal life after not being able to for a year huh. So excited for you family.