Monday, February 14, 2011

happy HAPPY {heart} day!

Oh my heart. What a day it has been. Not only is is Valentine's Day, but today was Spencer's first day back to school for good (for now.) We had Dylan, our home health nurse come over early this morning to check Spencer's blood counts so that we could determine if he would be able to go to his Vday party at school. I was not quite sure that he would make the cut, especially since it took him a little longer to recover from the chemo before last. I prayed and hoped that they would be high enough. I was ecstatic when I called for them and they were so phenomenal. His ANC was 5.7 Platelets 173 his hematocrit was a little low at 27.something percent but everything else was great. Because he has recovered from the last chemo he is now able to go to school for good. The last four chemos do not effect his blood counts so he is hopefully going to get some normalcy back in this life. If I sit and think about it all I think that I would break down, but I am too busy for that now and am just so thankful to be here, right now.
I made the kids cranberry heart scones for breakfast and gave them each a little book for a gift.

Last year I was the room mom in Spencer's second grade class. Well I was supposed to be. Once Spence was diagnosed I had to ditch that. I was originally in charge of the class party and my wonderful friend (who was not quite my friend back then, but a friendship just beginning) Kristine, also Spencer's BFF, Braden's, mom, took over for me. I remember not really wanting him to go to the party because he was still recovering from his biopsy and would be starting chemo in 4 days from then. This picture here is a side by side comparison. This picture is exactly one year ago from today. Those pictures during Vday last year were the first where I noticed his face drooping. SIGH. What a year. Besides the ears he does not even look like the same kid.


My friend Kyrsten posted on her Facebook this super cute heart hairdo so we attempted it. It was super windy so it was already a little messed up by this point but she looked so cute.
Spence and his best buddy Braden were so happy to be back together! I love that Braden shaves his head still! Today Spence said "my hair is longer than his right now". Love it. These guys are so silly.
I was feeling lonely today without my Spence with me. It was kind of hard for me. But then I turned around and saw this cute little monkey and it made my day. I just love him. He is so freaking cute!
My friend Candace and I decided to make a fancy surprise dinner for our husbands. They are one of our best friends so it was fun to celebrate together. We made bacon wrapped filet Mignon, which was supposed to have a smoked paprika butter on it and I totally forgot to put it on! I even made it, it's in the freezer, dangit! Alaskan Crab legs, shrimp and bacon deviled eggs (so delish), homemade "Red Lobster" cheese biscuits and red velvet cake for dessert. It was a fun night with delicious food!
These are my loves, my happiness, my purpose of life. Happy Valentines Day!

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