Sunday, July 3, 2011

Family Vacation Day: TWO AND THREE

I have been trying to update this post for a couple of days but my computer has been acting up. So here it is finally. On Friday Nate worked a half day in Cedar City. I took the kids to this awesome park called "Park Discovery". It had so many fun things things to play on. Gavs loved it.

I love watching him run
Here we are headed to California. Gavs checked out for half the ride (hallelujah!).

My cute husband driving.
Silly kids eating cookies. Gavin always wants to join in on the silliness!

I know this picture is blurry but Belle road a two wheeler for the first time here at Sara's the first night we got there. She did an awesome job.
Our silly Lukey and Belle. Oh how I love the Gibson's.

ORANGE COUNTY SWAP MEET! For me this is a mandatory stop and Nate is so patient to endure it every time we go. The kids love the cheap crap they sell too! We met Uncle Dustin and Aunt Whitney and the boys. The kids were holding Jason's hand all throughout the market place. They were so dang cute.
UM HELLO! Can you not just help but munch on this chubby bubby?! I am so in love. I love this Heavy Evy!
Belle found a wig. I love it! She is so funny.
Oh the Blessed Beach. For those of you who really know me, know that this is my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven on earth. We headed to Newport after the Swap Meet on Saturday not thinking that it was a holiday weekend. It took over an hour to find a parking spot! But it was well worth it!

Is he not just so beautiful? Even with the darn Binky. He looks like my little surfer boy.
Cousin Time! this is really the first time Gavin has had quality time, being old enough, to play with his cousin, Jason. They had a great time playing in the sand.

Got to love the Luke Man.

Ruby's on the pier!
Is he not just so precious. We love our Grant man.

Gavs sat next to me the whole time, since he does not like the water, and built sand castles all day long.

Isabelle and Jakey were inseparable at the beach. They played in the waves together and then Belle and Luke had fun burying Jake.

Later that evening we headed out to Monrovia to meet some awesome people. The Meyers family has been a big support of Spencer's throughout his treatments and recovery. It was so nice to finally meet them. Nate works with Scott but was the first time for the rest of us to meet the family. Scott, Trish, David, Orion, and Aiden took us to this FANTASTIC Mexican restaurant in West Covina called Broncos. It was seriously delicious. We had a fun night talking and eating.

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