Thursday, July 7, 2011

Family Vacation Day: Four. The Noels

There is so much to say about the Noel family but at the same time there are no words. Ally and I became long distance friends with so many connections while Spencer was going through treatments. Her daughter Lizzy has a lot of health issues that are trying to be figured out. Though she has struggled over the years it seems like immediately after Spence was given a clear bill of health Lizzy's health declined. It has been our turn to take care of their family after all the love and care we received from them. This visit has been much anticipated especially for the kids who have never met in person. They all have this special little bond and we had been soooo looking forward to seeing them. The original plan was to spend all of Sunday with them but as we know, life gives you lemons. Liz got really sick and was admitted to the hospital. Oh how well we understand these moments and disappointments. We didn't get the quality time we would have loved to spend with the Noels but we got to hug, squeeze and love the Noels. We are sooooo bummed that we did not get a visit with Jackson but cannot wait to see him soon! We love you soooooooo much and we are thankful for any bits of time we get to spend with you. Please keep Liz in your prayers as the doctors search for a diagnosis. It was really hard to leave Ally. I was really hard to leave the girls, but we will see them all soon! I try not to get emotional and keep a positive outlook and look forward to the near future!

I don't even remember what day this was but the kids conked out! And yes Spencer is sleeping with one eye open! His eye muscles are still not fully healed.

He is just so goofy.
We headed to Long Beach and walked down 2nd street in Belmont Shore to shop and eat lunch. We found this fun "old fashioned" like candy store. They had the weirdest flavors of things.

Isabelle was in awe over this HUMONGOUS Blow Pop.

They had cool drinks too.
Out of all of the cool places to eat there the kids chose JACK IN THE BOX. Seriously guys! They all sat there playing their new game on the iPod.
And Gavs was out.
We then headed to an awesome bakery down the street called Sweet Jill's. We got a couple of cinnamon crisps, a couple of delicious macaroons, a butterfly cookie for Lizzy and Katie, and a big snickers brownie for Ally. Belle chose to have 2 gumballs from the 25 cent gumball machine.

Our last stop before we made it to the hospital to see the Noel family was the Queen Mary. WE just quickly walked around the outside and took pictures. The kids loved it. Gavin kept saying "I want boat."

AND FINALLY...The Noel family.

I love these pictures of the kids. They are so strong and brave and full of hope.

I made the girls headbands and necklaces. Lizzy loves butterflies and Katie loves peace signs.

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