Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Vacation Day: Five HAPPY FOURTH!

We were lucky enough to spend the 4th with family. It is so great to see family and so sad to say goodbye. I wish we all lived close to each other. In my family on my mom's side there are 26 grandchildren including myself and my siblings. I am close to all of them. We grew up together. And even though some of them were states away they still made regular visits and we have remained the best of friends even into our adult years. I am so thankful to our parents for giving us the opportunity to be close to my cousins.

We got ready for the morning in our festive attire and set out for the Spectrum in Irvine, to do some window shopping. When we had had enough we headed for Buffalo Wild Wings, one of Spencer's most favorite restaurants, which we do not have in Utah. We ordered a whole bunch of wonderful wings and filled ourselves to the brim. We then met up with my cousins at Kim's house and enjoyed the rest of the evening together. We grilled and ate DELICIOUS brats, "man pasta" and many other wonderful foods. My grandma Richards, in Utah, sent us money to buy a cheesecake and we all devoured it! We watched the fireworks in Ladera and had an enjoyable time.

Getting ready for the day.

The fountain at the Spectrum

A little too close! He chucked his binky in and then said "I trew my binky in da water"
Buffalo Wild Wings!
Belle and "Heavy Evy"

Isabelle and Jameson
My cousin Hillary is EVERYONES favorite!
Spence and Jake. Best First cousins once removed!
Oh my Kaney Kanes! I miss you already!
Are you kidding me? Cutest baby nephews ever!
I honestly think that I am the luckiest aunt ever! I have the cutest nephews! I even have more in Utah and Alaska! AND two beautiful nieces. I am so freaking lucky! Look at how handsome these guys are!

This cheesecakes for you Grandma!

Waiting for the fireworks in the back of Nicks truck. Cute kids.

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