Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Vacation Day: ONE

Today we headed to Cedar City. Nate is working a couple of half days out there on our way to California. The kids and I just hung out at the hotel until Nate got back. We went to dinner at a local hamburger joint, stopped at an antique store, and drove up Kolob Canyon in Zions National Park. It is only day one and I feel like this vacation is so much more fun with my kids being older, at least with the older two. They are enjoying and appreciating things a little more. They are learning to stop and smell the roses. Gavin loved Kolob. He kept pointing around and saying "mountain" "trees". Nate was kind enough to stop at an old antique store. It looked totally run down, which in my opinion, is the best kind! Belle wanted to join me, so she and I perused the store and the grounds. It was a proud moment for me. I love that she enjoyed the antiques as much as I did. Nate did not see my antique furniture visions but she totally did! We had an enjoyable day. Tomorrow we will continue on to Irvine when Nate is finished with work. It will be a longer drive in one shot than we are used to but it will be fun. I love my family. I tried some different editing techniques so some of the pictures look funky. Enjoy!


  1. Spencer has so much hair now and he really is looking much healthier! Great to see the progress. Looks like a fun antique store to me too. Have a great vacation. I'll look forward to seeing more....

  2. Yay-for Cedar City!!! My old stomping grounds:) My heart can found in so many antique stores down south:) Hope your vacation is a total blast **Have Fourth of July**