Monday, June 20, 2011

Business Endeavors

I know you are wanting pictures and I am not delivering to you! I am sorry! They will come. I just need some time. I am trying to start up a couple of business opportunities for myself and thought maybe I could use your help. I would like to start up a house cleaning/spring cleaning business. I have over 4 years of hospital grade cleaning experience and love to scrub and detail. Normal charges will be $20/hr for house cleaning and $25/hr for spring cleaning. I am going to start with a Summer Special of $18/hr and $20/hr. If you are interested or have friends and family who are interested please contact me I have yet to come up with a fun, catchy name. I would love to get ideas for names and if your idea is chosen I will give you 2 hours FREE of house cleaning. Also I am trying to launch an Etsy store. I refinish furniture and have such a love and passion for it. I have a great eye to turn junk into treasures and have a fun, unique style. I need a name for this store too. I need your help. If your name is chosen then I will give you a $50 gift certificate towards furniture. For my furniture restoration I would like maybe something with the ocean or the beach in the name, maybe an alliteration of some sort (not a requirement), and maybe something to do with "seconds" or "reruns" or something to that effect. I am hoping to start up the Etsy site soon and have some furniture to post after we get back from Calfornia the second week of July. Thank you for all of your help! You can either comment or email me at


  1. Do you come to Syracuse to clean?

  2. That is SO cool that you are doing these business endeavors! I'm excited for you. You will be good at both. That is funny, my mom and I were thinking that it would be fun to start some sort of cleaning business too...our specialty would be more organizing and de-junking. I don't think it'll ever happen, but I am so excited for you!! I was thinking of a name for your businesses. I'm not very creative though. "Second wave treasures" or something like that?!? The first thing that popped into my mind for the cleaning business is "Light House Cleaning" - but I love Lighthouses, so...maybe that is cheesy. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it. We need to have you guys over to our new house for dinner sometime too! :) Miss you all.