Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Now you see it...Now you don't!

Spence had his line taken out a week ago yesterday, on April 18, 2011. His central line went up through his subclavian vein, which empties right into the heart to administer quick and efficient chemotherapy. He had this line put in on February 12, 2010. He actually has also had it replaced once last April.

The Final Plunge! Or flush should we say. To make certain that the line does not clot or become infected we have to flush it every day. Sometimes multiple times a day depending on the unit of Heparin we are using. It is just a normal daily routine that we are so happy about dismissing! Dad got to do the final flush!

We needed to be at the hospital at 8:45 in the morning. Here in the first waiting room you can tell he is nervous for surgery.
He wanted to hold my hand all morning.
Vitals and such. Getting ready for the OR waiting room.

We are so lucky that Aunt Chelsey works in the OR. She takes good care of us. She definitely helped calm his nerves. She has that impact on people!
Lizzie-do you get to make hospital buddies?
Chelsey brought my camera back to the OR with her and snapped some pics of prep and putting him to sleep! It is so fun to have connections! He chose to go to sleep with the Rootbeer flavored gas. The "surgery" was so simple they did not even intubate or i.v. him. Just a little bit of sassafras dreams did the job.

A little woozy out of surgery but woke up much faster without major anesthesia in his system.
They take care of him there. He was able to have a rootbeer slushy as soon as he was ready for one. Which was only a matter of minutes!
We had a sign a waiver of release of bio hazardous material but they let us keep his line.

We have been waiting for this moment for sooooooo long! We never thought it would come but here we are.


  1. Yayyyyy for Spence! It must feel SO good to have that done! I am so so glad that I could be a part of this in some way. He was such a brave boy and I am so proud of him. Love you all!

  2. Fantastic to witness Spencer's final moments wired...and now free from tubes! He truly is the bravest kid I've ever met. He's lucky to have you for a mom too:)

  3. And now he loves showing it off to everyone at church! He is so awesome!