Monday, April 25, 2011

Trying To Fit It All In

So many posts. So many pictures. I am going to try to fit a bunch into one. A few weeks before Spencer's final chemo he was not feeling so well. His teacher called me from school and said Spence felt like he needed blood. I took him straight to the chemo clinic and low and behold, he was right. It is amazing how well he knows his body. He not only got hooked up with blood, but slushies and Benedryl. He was out before we left.

Gavin is obsessed with Toy Story. It is a rare thing to get him calm and still. He is in the Toy Story zone.

Our last Pack Meeting Spence earned his Bobcat badge from Cub Scouts. It was a cowboy themed party. Spence made the banner for it.
Handsome boys. I love this picture of Gavs. He is so photogenic.

After one of Spencer's treatments we went out for hot chocolate and to the delicious Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Not sure if licorice was the best idea.
A visit to Grandma Greats.
Best buds. Brock and Gavs.
Some people may see a skinny, pale sick, child. To me I see beauty, strength and faith.


  1. Thanks for the pics. Beautiful family!

  2. The pics of the boys are so cute! Silly little boys! I see strength when I see spencer too! He is amazing!