Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peach Fuzz

I was rubbing Spencer's soft bald head today and I felt some prickly spots. I looked at his eyes and noticed that his cute eyelashes are growing back. They are stubby but there and his eyebrows are fuzzy. It occured to me that if these last chemos had not stopped his hair growth then his hair is most likely back on track to normal growth. That is so cool but it makes me a little nervous. I am so afraid that things will start to go back to normal and then we will back track but I just need to be thankful for normality and recovery. I need to have faith. It will be so great to have a little boy with awesome hair!


  1. He's likely going to have 'FUN' hair at first and then 'NORMAL', but it is a good sign. A symbol of healing and normalcy!

  2. i love the feel of that peach fuzz... it's like baby hair - so soft! fyi, my hair was curly for about the first 2 years after chemo and now it's straight as can be, again. I understand your fear of getting back to 'normal'and then having to start over again... i think that is a fear that will be with you forever - i STILL feel that way sometimes!! it's a cancer scar.