Friday, October 15, 2010


Oh my, I really did take a break from blogging. I have so many pictures to post and hope to have time this weekend to get it all up. Spence is in day three of a five day chemo! They are advancing it so hopefully he gets to come home a little bit earlier. My sister, Casy, is in town from Alaska and I have been spending the night at my dad's so that I am still able to go to boot camp while Nate is gone. It has been a party and a fun time. We had a girls night last night and it was so much fun. Spencer is doing really well and I hope that his blood counts stay up there and do not cause us any more grief. I wanted to thank everyone who has become involved in PROJECT SUPER QUILT. You guys are so incredible! I am hoping to receive the blankets by mid December but I will most certainly take them afterwards! We have a lot of fleece blankets coming which I am most thankful for but I am hoping to get more QUILTS. Tie quilts are perfect and easy! If you email me I will give you the address where to send or drop off blankets, quilts, and supplies and if you have already emailed me asking where to send them I promise I will get to you soon! Also if you have any questions regarding the project please email me!


  1. Hey! I am hoping to have at least 2 maybe 3 quilt quilts for you when kyrst comes in November I am going to give all the stuff to her! Good Luck!

  2. I'll probably have 3 or so quilts for you mid-November :)