Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Things

DANG IT! I totally left my camera USB cord at home! I will keep posting this week but I will be pictureless until I can grab it. Maybe Friday. This trip is a little emotional for Spence because he will be missing out on all of the festivities this weekend. It is hard because Halloween is a big deal in our family. He will be missing out on our church party and the school parade. He gets home on Saturday (Utah celebrates holidays on a Saturday if the real holiday is on a Sunday) and since this is the Chemo that kicked his butt last time and put him in the hospital for two weeks, I am going to be cautious and not let him go trick or treating. Sad day I know. It is one crappy year! We can do hard things. And let me tell ya, missing Halloween is a hard thing! We are compromising and sitting at home with Gramma Suzi and Grampa OK and watching Nightmare Before Christmas, eating donuts drinking hot chocolate and carving pumpkins. We will make things work. Belle and Daddy promised they will trick or treat and candy it up just for Spence. We are trying to focus on the positives. We were told that Halloween is the most fun day of all the year here at PCMC. The festivities will go on all Friday and Grampa is coming here to get all the right makeup done for Spencer's zombie costume. They also have Nightmare Before Christmas here and all of the Harry Potter's so we are going to movie it up with popcorn and hot chocolate. We will be one chemo closer to the end. And the most exciting "positive" is ROOM SERVICE! For the first time in SEVEN months Spencer will be utilizing room service! There are lots of good things about this stay! OH AND BEFORE I FORGET...Thanks for voting for Spence, he won the online costume contest!


  1. Not surprised! Hang in there...Love

  2. oh memories... i was so sick right before thanksgiving and i only had one more chemo treatment to go. but they kept delaying it b/c my counts couldn't rebound. and THEN i got an infection. long story short, they let me out of the hospital the wednesday before thanksgiving out of pity. however, i was still on iv antibiotics and sat at the table on thanksgiving with my iv pole attached. my little sister lost her appetite having that 'thing' there. that's all i remember of that holiday. ;) it's hard to have cancer during the holidays because the rest of the world marches on and as much as we want to participate as usual, we can't. GRRRR!! good luck with that doxrubicin - it's AWFUL! but if anyone can kick its butt, it's Spencer.