Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Final Chemo

I feel so guilty for not getting this post done long ago. March 24, 2011 marked the day of Spencer's last chemo in his road map of 54 long weeks of chemo treatment. I am not going to do a lot of journaling in this post. I will mostly let the pictures do the talking. These pictures were taken by the wonderful Amelia of Brightsides Photography.

Waiting (a long while) for the final chemo, Spence spent his time on his iPod Touch.

They know he loves cereal and ALWAYS give him a big huge box when he comes. He loves it.
He ALWAYS makes sure he hits up the snack room and loads up on treats.
His cool shark Vans.

We {heart} Dr. Fluchel (pronounced flu-shell)


My beautiful Ally necklace.

Tough as nails this one!

They brought in a huge load of presents for his last chemo.

Our beloved oncologists, Dr. Fluchel and Dr. Verma.

Caitlyn was one of our favorite nurses.

Enjoying the last rootbeer popsicle.


  1. Wow! You guys have had quite the year. It was a faith building experience to read along on your blog and follow Spencer's progress. I'm so glad that he is doing well. Parker was praying the other night (he almost always remembers Spence in his prayers) and he thanked Heavenly Father for helping Spencer to get better. He came up with that all on his own. It was pretty sweet. We are so grateful for the prayers that have been answered on your behalf.
    By the way...just looking through the pictures...is the "best nurse ever" Tiffany? That is Mike's sisters sister-in-law. Just a fun little fact!

  2. Beautiful day! I see HAIR! He will need gel soon...

  3. Holly I am so happy for you and Spencer. What a blessing and accomplishment. Congratulations. I'm so so happy!

  4. I am praying so hard for you, darling boy.
    It was no accident that I happened onto your website. Live in the moment and you are going to be well and you are so loved. God bless you and your family.
    A grandma from Wheaton, IL

  5. I am praying so hard for you, darling boy. It was not an accident that I happened onto your website. Enjoy every moment-you are so loved. A grandma from Wheaton, IL