Monday, May 9, 2011


It is so hard to sit back and watch your kids experience growing up. The heartache and rejection is hard. Spence has been struggling with his best friend. Shortly after he was back to school for good a new dynamic set in. I don't know if it is competition, or jealousy but they just have not been getting along the same. Sometimes friends say things they don't mean, and kids are kids. But it is so hard to watch Spencer have his feelings hurt. It is hard to watch him be brave as he fights back the tears. It is hard to watch these little people learn how to deal with losing friends, and trying to maintain friendships. It was painful to sit and watch my son almost lifeless in the hospital, but there is something heart wrenching about the sorrow they go through when their feelings are hurt by someone the trust. You have to let them figure things out. This evening I found out that Spence and his friend had a talk with their teacher. Spencer was already in bed but I decided to have a little chat with him anyway. I asked him what happened. You could see the defeat on his little face. The corners of his lips turned down and started to quiver and he tried to talk to me without crying. Sigh. His friend was saying hurtful, teasing things to him and so he finally broke down and retaliated with more hurtful words, which I do not condone at all. The friend then went and told on Spencer for saying those things. Spencer is very non-confrontational, it almost makes me giggle that he got so upset, because it is not like him. We have all had those frustrated moments when we don't know what else to say besides "well you don't have a brain." I asked Spencer if he is sad to be losing this friend. And with tears held back he nodded. I just told him to pray about it, to try to be a nice person and to try to work it out. I guess the boys have a "meeting" with their teacher tomorrow to try to work things out between them. It was hard enough to go through these experiences for my own, but to watch your child do it is horribly painful, especially after all he has been through. Life is life. We all have these experiences to help us grow and develop into our own person. I hope these boys can work things out. They are both good boys just going through some issues. I just wish this didn't have to happen so shortly after this past years events and treatments. I just wish I could protect my babies from pain. I would gladly take it all for them.

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