Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Have Returned

I took a much needed emotional break from this blog but it is calling me back again. There are still so many things during this journey that I have not posted and I would love to share all of the great things in our lives currently. We have been searching for a home and have a couples of offers in and are hoping to be moving by the beginning of next year. I also got an email from SLCC saying that I had been chosen to start the nursing program Spring semester 2012 which starts Jan. 9th! I have played this event in my mind over and over. I have gone back and forth in the decision that would be best for me and my family. After Spencer was diagnosed and things got so emotional and I felt so guilty for neglecting Belle and Gavin I thought that there was no going back. How could I leave my kids again for 2 full years to go back to school? Well here I was faced with this major decision. It was now or never. I felt distressed all day. I prayed about it. I talked with Nate. I talked with friends who are nurses. I decided that evening that I was going to go back. The moment I made this decision I was at peace. I knew that this was the best thing for my family. Spence was not super thrilled at first but I told him that I was interested in working in pediatric oncology. That made him excited. So here we are in September. We leave for Disneyworld in about 3 weeks. If things go as planned with the home we want we will be moving shortly after we get back from our trip, the holiday will then be upon us and the start of school. Craziness in the Gooch home. I mentioned to a friend that the next 2 years will be crazy for us and she responded with "because the last 2 weren't enough for you". Well played Kerilyn. Well played. I have been packing up the things that we don't absolutely need now. I was going through a box and I found a letter from Nate one day short of 4 months that we had been dating. It made my day. I love my husband. I am so thankful that I get to spend eternity with some one like him. I thought I would share the letter with you. I am so lucky to have a sweet hunk-a-hunk of burning love! Click on the pictures to read the letter.

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  1. You will be a great nurse Holly! I am a nurse (I worked with you for a bit at IMC, not sure if you remember me) and it seriously is the best job for a mommy! Nursing school is hard, but you can do it! The support of your family, friends and kids will help you do it!